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Issue 11-2

Notices: Learning Journeys

Long ago, David and I made a decision that whatever money accrued to us in a life of ministry, we would not put it toward the purchase of things, but toward meaningful experiences. We would like to offer you the opportunity to join us on two learning journeys. This Soulish Food will fill you in on the Voluntourism trip to Kenya, Africa and next week we will send out detailed information about the Stratford Theatre Festival.

CLICK HERE to read the full "Voluntourism Journey to Kenya" information/invitation letter (includes photos).

We hope you will be able to join us on one or both experiences into learning through journeying.

Karen Mains


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Karen Mains

Karen Mains

“We hope you will be able to join us on one or both experiences into learning through journeying.”

A Woman's Path: Women’s Best Spiritual Travel Writing

A Woman's Path:
Women’s Best Spiritual Travel Writing

edited by Lucy McCauley, Amy G. Carlson and Jennifer Leo

Although the majority of travelogues are authored by men, I was intrigued by the subtitle on this book (Women’s Best Spiritual Travel Writing). It has long been my prejudice that all journeys can become pilgrimages, physical trips geographically often become interior, bring surprising insight into our own personal souls.

In addition, the list of authors included some of my favorites—Anne Lamott, Maya Angelou, Diane Ackerman, Natalie Goldberg, etc., etc. Perhaps the overwhelming popularity of Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert summarized what many were suspecting—the adventure of a journey outward often parallels the odyssey of a journey inward.

If you can find a copy of this book, you might agree with the back-cover copy: “More than just an adventure, A Woman’s Path presents inspiring stories of spiritual growth and awakening, written by some of the world’s finest women writers. Around the globe and across religions, the stories in this enthralling collection touch on common themes: opening up, letting go, finding inner peace. This collection beckons all women to be mindful and daring on their walk along the sacred path.”

Where are you going to travel this year? Are you pushing yourself toward those edges that enlarge the mind, the heart, and the deep places of your being? The Africa journey is for both men and women, but this is a good book to begin for women who have to nudge the men in their lives toward stepping out of the life-as-work rut.

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