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Issue 13-3

Become a Backer for the Kingdom Tales Trilogy Kickstarter Campaign

Dear Friends,

We are in the midst of launching a Kickstarter Campaign to “crowd-fund” the money to publish a new edition of our award-winning Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy. And we need you to become involved. This fulfills a dream of Jeremy Mains, our son who died November 5, 2013 of Stage 4 lymphoma cancer.

The photo below is of Jer when he was traveling with us sometime before his marriage. The sketches you see below are from a doodling notebook of his from around this time.

Jeremy in London.

After taking himself off to Japan at the age of 16, having learned to speak Japanese, then another summer trip to Mexico where he began to deepen his Spanish-speaking abilities (he eventually became an adjunct Spanish professor at Wheaton College), Jeremy also took up Mandarin and taught English for three years total in China. In short, he grew into a multicultural specialist.

Somewhere in these travels, he told his brother Joel, “The world has enough artists. It doesn’t have enough people who want to help other people.” He eventually decided to serve the underserved.

Jeremy worked for years with World Relief and eventually started his own Dynamis Immigration Aid. Since his office was in our Mainstay suite, we received a daily course on the topic—sort of immigration over our shoulders (and the need for comprehensive immigration reform). Jeremy once counted up the number of nationalities represented in his office in a year—it was in the hundreds!

After marriage, however, Jeremy decided he wanted to redo the illustrations in our prize-winning Kingdom Tales Trilogy. The work of Jack Stockman, the artist of the first two books, is beautiful and well-loved, but it is not filled with that multi-ethnic feel of different races, faces and places that we now need to communicate with a rapidly globalizing world. Requests to translate the book into other languages are frequent. This then necessitates illustrations that are multi-ethnic, not just Western, in their look.

Jeremy Mains died last year at age 41, of an aggressive and rare lymphoma, before he could accomplish this dream.

This letter serves as a notice that in memory of Jeremy, we would like to fulfill that dream. In fact, the first book, Tales of the Kingdom, is dedicated: “To Jeremy/Who has the gift of Seeing.” Somewhere in his grueling and often gruesome journey into death, Jeremy said slightly surprised, to Karen, “Mom, I do have the gift of Seeing!”

some of Jeremy's sketches

After several months of research, Randall Mains (Jeremy’s older brother) and his Pathmaker Marketing Group have decided to mount a crowd-funding campaign through the Web site. This is a group that helps raise funds for new projects, and many have been most successful (some have not). A sample of the successful publishing efforts that have been launched are below:

Hello Ruby: $10,000 goal: raised 7,281 Backers for $380,747
Seth Godin: $40,000 goal: raised 4,242 Backers for $287,342
Matter: $50,000 goal: raised 2,566 Backers for $140,201

There are TWO things that you can do to help:

1. Make a donation ASAP to the Mainstay Ministries “Artist Fund.” A contest we mounted through the website attracted 87 international artists and 293 submissions! This will guarantee the multi-ethnic feel Jeremy wanted. Gifts totalling $4800 will enable us to pay the contest-winning artist to complete all the illustrations for the first book, Tales of the Kingdom. These gifts can be tax-receipted.

Jeremy's sketch
another sketch of Jeremy's

2. Become a Backer of our project on the Kickstarter Web site at: The contest began in July and ends August 5. Backers will receive and treasure rewards ranging from a beautifully illustrated eTrilogy to an exclusive, limited, Kickstarter Collector’s Editions of the Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy. If you do not know how to find this Web site, contact Randall Mains and staff of Pathmaker Marketing at 1-800-224-2735.

There is ONE hitch: Our publishing deadline to deliver the full Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy, with 36 ALL NEW ILLUSTRATIONS for Christmas giving, is sometime in September. Therefore, we must have the funds to pay for all 36 new illustrations, along with the book interiors redesigned, as soon as possible!

 Jeremy's sketch
another of Jeremy's sketches

We need Backers who will also notify their friends through e-mail lists and social media outlets of this campaign. In this way, Jeremy’s life and dream (and the gift of Seeing) will bless multiplied thousands of other children
worldwide. We look forward to being amazed by what God will do with this dream, as the Scriptures say: “God so loved the world...”

To the King and the Restoration!

David and Karen Mains
Co-Directors, Mainstay Ministries

P.S. Help us revise, re-illustrate and republish the Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy through your tax-deductible gift, and/or your Backer Pledge at


Cancer Surgery for Karen Mains

I am scheduled for a thyroidectomy because of suspicious papillary cancer cells on Monday, July 14. A goiter was discovered in February when I went in for a pre-operation exam due to the fall that dislocated my shoulder and tore the rotator cuff. I am requesting prayer that I will recover without complications and be strong enough to use the recovery time profitably. I feel that the cancer question is in God’s hands, and I am content with whatever outcome occurs.

However, I was reminded this morning of how precious the concern of family and friends is. The phone rang at 7:35, and it was my hairdresser calling to see how I was doing. (She also has had a thyroid removed.) David had been having a haircut when I was getting another pre-operation exam with my general physician. An unclear EKG had sent me down to the Critical Care Center because it looked as though I might have had an undetected heart attack. The second EKG, taken with a stronger machine, indicated that all was well. But she needed to know how I was doing. “If there’s anything I can do to help you—any cleaning or anything—just let me know.”

This is a gal David and I have seen in a beauty salon for some 15 years (she really likes David better than me). We’ve prayed for her and for her family—in the salon, and she phoned recently to ask David if he would perform her daughter’s wedding. Older grandchildren all texted me to tell me they are praying for me (urged, I suspect, by their Aunt Melissa). And last night, longtime donors to our ministry who have become friends, phoned from Michigan to check in and see how we are doing.

The well-known saying “I depend upon the kindness of strangers” in my case has been transformed into “I depend upon the kindness of friends and family.” Never, ever think that the small kindnesses don’t make an enormous difference; they all do.

Mary Ogalo's Pilot Program "The County Girls Caucus"

We had a wonderful visit with Mary Ogalo when she was in the States last month and spent some time with us in Chicago. We are thrilled with her news about the County Girls Caucus that she has been starting. This is a pilot program that seeks to work with teachers and the educational system in rural areas of Kenya to teach girls about avoiding the hazards that poverty presents to those who are growing up in these areas of the country.

Mary began asking the women who work with the Global Bag Project and found that the answers to her question, “How did you end up in a slum in Nairobi?” were all based in teenage difficulties. A too-early pregnancy and male abandonment. Believing lie-based myths such as “You won’t develop breasts until you have sex.” Families ending a daughter’s education so that the son could continue his. Being kicked out of a house due to perceived misbehavior.

So Mary decided to design a participatory learning four-day program, The County Girls Caucus, that would teach young teens from 10-20 about the Women’s Cycle of Life. Mary has interwoven the lessons with truths and concepts from Scripture. She is piloting three events this year in one rural district and has support and cooperation from what we would call the District Superintendant. The education department is paying for the teachers who have one day of training, then work with the girls for four days.

We think this is an exciting preventative program with a holistic approach. Here are just a few of the local myths Mary’s education is combating:

* If you do not have sex as a teenager; you will never have children later when you are married.
* If a man becomes sexually aroused in your presence, he may faint and die if you do not hae sex with him.
* If you drink soda after sex, you will not get pregnant.
* If you have HIV and have sex with a child, you will be cured.

We are proud of Mary's initiative and want to support her in any ways we can. We'll keep you informed as this develops.


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David and Karen Mains

David and Karen Mains

Somewhere in these travels, Jeremy told his brother Joel, 'The world has enough artists. It doesn’t have enough people who want to help other people.' He eventually decided to serve the underserved.”
Million Dollar Arm
Million Dollar Arm

This summer David and I have needed to see what some people call “feel-good films.” I don’t really want to see any more cities destroyed, apocalyptic disasters or wars or epidemics take down the world, young teens fighting dystopian societies and fascist dictators, or disasters in the universe. I just need something that diverts, makes me laugh, creates a feeling of warmth in my heart toward mankind, and doesn’t require any analytical thinking.

So if you haven’t seen it and are looking for the same kind of film experience, let me recommend Million Dollar Arm. gives it a 61% approval for critic ratings and a 76% audience approval rating. It is a Disney film.

John Hamm of the television series Mad Men shows another, evolving delightful side of his acting capacities and carries the film. The Indian actors, however, steal it—they are enchanting. The following is a summary:

Based on a true story, Disney's "Million Dollar Arm" follows JB Bernstein, a once-successful sports agent who now finds himself edged out by bigger, slicker competitors. He and his partner Aash (Aasif Mandvi) will have to close their business down for good if JB doesn't come up with something fast. Late one night, while watching cricket being played in India on TV, JB comes up with an idea so radical it just might work. Why not go to there and find the next baseball pitching sensation? Setting off for Mumbai with nothing but a gifted but cantankerous scout (Alan Arkin) in tow, JB stages a televised, nationwide competition called "Million Dollar Arm" where 40,000 hopefuls compete before two 18-year-old finalists, Rinku and Dinesh (Suraj Sharma, Madhur Mittal), emerge as winners. JB brings them back to the United States to train with legendary pitching coach Tom House (Bill Paxton). The goal: get the boys signed to a major league team. Not only is the game itself difficult to master, but life in the U.S. with a committed bachelor makes things even more complicated-for all of them. While Rinku and Dinesh learn the finer points of baseball and American culture, they in turn teach JB the true meaning of teamwork and commitment. Ultimately, what began as a purely commercial venture becomes something more and leads JB to find the one thing he was never looking for at all—a family.

There also are a spate of faith-based companies releasing films for the general market. David and I try to catch these just to watch how message films of this kind are doing. One son and I laughed ourselves sick while watching Mom’s Night Out then laughed all the way back home. However, other family members also viewed the film (on our recommendation) and weren’t as impressed. “Perhaps,” said my daughter, “you just needed to laugh.” I concurred that this was probably true, but how great that Christian filmmakers are beginning to feel comfortable enough to work with comedy. Sometimes people of faith are afraid of making fun of their own foibles. I guess the conclusion is: If you are needing a good laugh, pick up this film when it comes out at the video store (or on whatever technology it is you are using these days).

See you at the movies!

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