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Issue 14-15

GBP Open-House Invitation

Dear Friends,

Global Bag Project bags on chairs

We are asking you this Christmas season to make an INTENTIONAL PURCHASE. This means that:
• You aren’t looking for a bargain.
• You are sticking your nose up at blue-light specials. 
• You are not hunting for the cheapest item on the shelf or on the rack.

Instead, you are purposely determining to purchase bags made by Kenyan sisters who are eager to work their way out of poverty. These beautifully-made kanga-cloth, East African fabric shopping bags have been re-priced with enough margins so that hard-working women can feed their children, meet the rent bill, afford tuition, and buy school books.

We’ve raised the prices on the bags confident that most of you, wanting to live with a GLOCAL mindset (living locally but thinking globally), will intentionally purchase bags that offer a decent living to the women who make them. Your purchase can help break the cycle of poverty.


For those who live in or near West Chicago
See you for a crucial twenty minutes at:

Global Bag Project Holiday Open House
Time/Date: Sunday, December 13, from 3-6 p.m.
Place: New Jerusalem House of Prayer
100 Wycliffe Drive
West Chicago, IL 60185

This is simply a Holiday Open House, no presentations or sales pitches to sit through. Or you can make an intentional purchase by going to the Web site,

Karen Mains


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Every Bag Has A Story

Hannah is a widowed mother of six. She longs to break the cycle of poverty in her family by earning money to feed her children and fund their education. Her dream is being realized through the income earned from sewing for Global Bag Project. She hopes to expand her sewing business using the skills she’s learned.

Karen Mains
Karen Mains
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